1 Dozen Chicken Eggs


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Our chickens are happy and eat as much of their natural diet as we can get em – bugs and plants!

We integrate them with our composting system, in such a way that they help us to make compost, while allowing them to express their inner chicken-ness. We believe this to be a win-win-win, for you the customer, me the farmer, and last but not least, the chicken.

Our chicken eggs are NOT graded, as per standard practice of our society. We also DO NOT WASH them, unless they are visibly dirty. Washing eggs removes a protective biological film which naturally helps to preserve the egg. Remember that chickens do not make eggs for us to eat them. They make them to incubate and birth their children, and this film helps preserve and protect the egg while the baby chick is growing inside.

Eggs can actually be kept quite long without refrigeration (I have read about a month, though I’ve always eaten them before then). Still, it is best to keep eggs in the fridge if you can, which is what we do here.

We also do not sort the eggs by size. If an egg is really big or small, we just eat it ourselves. That being said, I cannot guarantee that the eggs you get will all be uniform or that they conform to our society’s standards of “perfection”.

You are encouraged to inspect the eggs yourself before you pay for them, and you are absolutely welcome to refuse a purchase if you are unhappy with any aspect of their quality.

Due to the Ontario chicken mafia, we only sell our eggs on-farm, so you absolutely must only buy eggs from us if you come pick them up right at the farm.

Conveniently, this gives you a chance to check out our chicken colony, which is an example of sustainable egg production, and happy chickens that can express their instincts of scratching, pecking, and foraging for all kinds of their favorite foods.